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Regina Vacuum Precision Planter

Regina towed seed drill for precision-planting of corn, soya, sunflower, sorghum and rape on firm groundwith the direct seeding technique.
REGINA planting unit for direct seeding with serrated edged front disc to open the furrow, double-disc coulter and apair of wheels to fill the furrow. The central part is formed by a single casting, more able to withstand impact against the ground (+50% stronger) and side stress (+25%).

The REGINA planting unit can deal with stubble along the plant-ing line. It maintains a constant planting depth and a good contact between the seeds/fine soil.

Pression on the soil for each seed element up to 300 kg.
Available versions: trailed fix frame 300 cm (4 rows 75 cm - 6 rows 45 cm) - 350 cm (7 rows 45 cm) - 430 cm (6 rows 75 cm)

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Video of Regina (No-Till) Vacuum Precision Planter in action
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