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ColhiFlex is specially developed to harvest maize, sugar cane, sun flower & crops planted in rows. With a simple replacement of the front platform, it harvests corn and broomcorn in two rows and grass planted in total area

ColhiFlex reduces the cost of the harvested ton and the investment and guarantees fodder chopped in the adequate size for the daily tract and silage.


MFC - 1
Harvesting front designed for sugar cane and napier in a single row, with production rate from 30 to 40 tons/hour. Equiped with helical conveyor to harvest sugar cane bent by the wind.

MFM - 2
Harvesting front designed for corn, broomcorn & sunflower in 2 rows with spacing from 70 - 92 cm between rows with production rate from 40 - 50 tons/hour.

PMC - 1600
Harvesting front with cutting area of 1600mm and harvests grass planted in total area such as: oak, rye grass, millet and brachiaria, with production rate from 20 to 30 tons/hour.

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ColhiFlex harvester features and in-action video.
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