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Cremasco 930C forage harvester

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Used for harvesting and cutting of forage plants such as corn, various types of grass, sugar cane, sunflower, sorghum and other, used for silage and daily care.

Choice of 6 sizes of cutting with completely uniformity and the rotor blades 8 / 10. System of forage collection and cutting with 4 DRUM cylinders


Cremasco 930 C 8/10 Blades,
Capacity Production (Depending on Product) 9 to 30 Ton/hour,
Power Required 55 HP,
Total Weight 680 Kgs,
Length 2350 mm Width 2000 mm Height without Pandora Output 2000 mm,
Height with the output deflactor 3500 mm,
Diameter of Transmission Pulley 350 mm,
Diameter of Pulley 135 mm,
Rotation Speed of Tractor 1800 a 2000 rpm

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