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Samp Super

A novus machine, making the impossible possible.

  • 98% clean samp. The husk and germ makes excellent chop for feeding animals
  • In addition the above, 100% Super Maize Meal can be produced
  • The Gentag Super G2 Hammer Mill is used for this purpose with minor modifications
  • Samp producing capacity :  550 - 600Kg per hour
  • The Hammer Mill consists of a rotor box, 360 degree sieve ring, an adjustable inner trap door, an intake chute with sluice gate, a rotor fitted with 8 blades and a 360 degree perforated sieve
  • The Hammer Mill is either driven by a petrol, diesel, electric motor or by tractor P.T.O.
  • The maize kernel is struck and rubbed between the sieve and hammer mill blades
  • Only the correct size of splitted kernel is allowed to pass through the (screen) sieve
  • An adjustable inner trap door is used to control the back flow of air from the fan to the hammer mill rotor box
  • The down draught of the air generated by the hammer mill blades and gravity causes the split kernel to fall into the blower fan's air stream where the heavier split kernels seperated from the lighter husk and germ
  • The samp is gathered at the bottom of the hammer mill by means of a bag or transporting apparatus
  • A radial centrifugal fan is used to increase the kinetic energy of the air.The air duct is fitted with a controllable air damper to allow for adjusting and controlling the correct amount of air needed to blow and seperate the husk and germ from the maize kernel. The husk and germ are blown into a cyclone where it is bagged. Much as effective is a 180 degree outlet chute that delivers same into bags or conveying auger
  • Weight : Electrical driven - 280Kg

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