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New Holland Grape Harvester

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A great team of specialists with 30 years of experience, developed and build more than 10,400 grape harvesters that operate all over the world. They carry the spirit of New Holland, the brand that continues to confirm its leadership in mechanised harvesting systems.

The introduction of a range of high capacity grape harvesters for medium and wide vines, profits from the Braud technology that has been acquired over the years. The product features that ensure excellent picking and remarkable cleaning quality associated to a multifunctional tractor base, answers today’s wine growers needs looking for the best quality.

Superb harvest quality

The new shaking system, which features the independence of each shaker, combines the possibility for high capacity and quality of harvest. The new arrangement of the shaker fixation will further enhance these important advantages. The new patented shaker fixation offers maximum suppleness and flexibility to the shaker system. Adaptation of the number of active shakers and their position, according to the height of the grapes on the vines, is
made quick and easy. This will allow everybody to work with ideal shaker settings in any vineyard at maximum performance with full respect of the harvest.

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