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Super G2 Hammer Mill

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The innovated concept allows the farmer to produce a fine quality product. The Gentag Super G2 is a bottom drop dust free hammer mill.  A double flange 8 blade quatro motor allows the Hammer Mill to provide an excellent level of output under light to moderate conditions with the greatest degree of cost efficiency        Two-in-one hammer mill suitable for milling of all types of grain and fodder. Outperforms similar imitations by far. The Gentag Super G2 hammer mill is the only in it's kind to mill carton and paper products. Highly effective on gypsum, coal and semi hardened materials. The Super G2 is equiped with 360 degree sieve ranging from 0.8mm to 40mm                           


  • Fine maize       -    430Kg per hour
  • Lucerne            -    860Kg per hour
  • Grass               -    288Kg per hour
  • Crush mealies  -  5294Kg per hour
  • Driven by 5.5 or 7KW Diesel of Electric motor
  • Weight : 210Kg with electric motor

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