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Maxi G6 with Cyclone

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The Gentag Maxi Hammer Mill was the first of it's class fitted with a Cyclone dating back to 2004. Several other imitations followed, however, Gentag was and still is the leader in development and the innovator of the fantastic concept. The low pressure Cyclone has been developed for 100% separation of micro particles and dust. Centrifugal force seperate the particles. Air dust and unwanted particles escape at the top and milled product drops to the outlet port of the cyclone. This ensures that the end product is exactly what it should be.  The Gentag Maxi G6 with Cyclone can basically mill all types of material and is known for milling fine maize, crushed mealies, all grain and fodder types.                                            

  • Capacities from 500-9000Kg per hour
  • Driver requirements: 
  • Diesel   15KW                                                                                                     
  • Electric 11-15KW                                                                                               
  • P.T.O.    20KW
  • Weight 478Kg including electric motor

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Maxi G6 with Cyclone
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