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Maxi G6 Bottom Drop

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  • Intellegent fodder making
  • The Getag Mxi G6 bottom drop with superior qualities
  • A segmented double flange rotor is fitted with either 8 or 12 hardened cutting and grinding blades
  • 360 degree milling area
  • Maximum output
  • Reduce double handling
  • High speed, high capacity displacement
  • Double spout outlets
  • Interchangeable hammers
  • For grinding and milling all types of grain and fodder. Also used for milling solid biomass, semi hardened materials, wood chips and many more
  • Driver requirements :
  • Diesel 13.5KW                                                                                                   
  • Electric 11KW                                                                                                     
  • P.T.O. 15KW
  • Weight : 372Kg including electric motor

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