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Maize Seperator Combination

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An easy maintainable, low cost unit;

The Machine can easily be installed;

No skilled labor necessary;

Milled Maize is gravity fed to a vibrating screen, where maize is separated from bran. (de-germanize);

The Maize is the captured underneath the Vibrating screen. From here it is Manually hand fed into the 3kW 3(three) phase Electrical Junior Hammer, where the final maize product is captured by means of gravitational feed into bags;

The Maize Grit is hand fed into 1st stage Hammer Mill and 2nd stage Hammer Mill;

Moisture Content must not be high at all. Maize to lay in water for no longer than 10 – 15 seconds to prevent clogging of fine maze to sieve (screen);

Sieves on Hammer Mills is interchangeable to produce different maize roughness types;

Capacity of unit depends on the size of sieves used for grinding and milling;

Maize is fed into 5.5kW, 3 (Three) phase Electric Hammer Mill;

The maize and bran falls directly onto Gravity bed where the Maize is separated from Bran;

To eliminate the Hand Feeding process as described above, an elevating Auger can be obtained with little extra cost too;

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