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Where are we?

  • Gentag (Hartbeesfontein)

  • Tel : 018 431 1287
  • Address : 52 Vermaas Street, Hartbeesfontein, 2600, North West Province, SA
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Chromatile Roof Tiles

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Our process : 

  • Screened river sand
  • Manual mixing
  • Tile mould inserted into tile machine
  • Tile making in process
  • Tile ready for curring
  • Tiles stacked for 24 hour curring
  • 7 Day curring troughs
  • Tile image on roof
  • Tile with clear coat finish
  • Display stand
  • 25 Year warrantee. Silica treated corrugated
    and IBR roof sheeting

Download the .pdf brochure below to see the process and larger images.

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