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Briquetting Process

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Flow chart for briquetting process (on the left side)

Briquetting process for Mill Scale.




Pillow shape briquetting

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“Briquetting” is able to change a valueless fine dust and particles into a mass which can be a useful material in various industrial fields.

During briquetting, fine / dust particles are compacted between two counter rotating rolls to form the briquettes.
Recently, in fields of material recycling, many companies introduce briquetting machines / equipment to obtain the competitiveness of raw materials. This process can induce a reduction of production costs and provide high quality, inexpensive products to industrial sectors.

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The Gentag pelleting range has maintained the Gentag technical standard throughout the entire development and manufacturing process, producing a range with capacities from 0.5t/h to 30 t/h.

This series incorporates an optimised transmission ratio with increased torque, smoother running, simplified structure, reduced operating noise, ease of operation and lower maintenance burdens.




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